Mobile Marketing

The power of mobile marketing, the insight of data.

The exploding growth of the mobile marketing channel presents a powerful opportunity to savvy marketers. This power can be yours with the insights of Acxiom.

Mobile Marketing represents an explosive growth opportunity for brands. The draw of customer adoption has quickly changed this channel from one with undefined potential to a critical component of the customer relationship.

Acxiom, the premier provider of multichannel marketing technologies and services, is already helping clients to maximize the mobile marketing channel as part of a greater multi-channel strategy.


We offer a dedicated mobile marketing platform for highly targeted, triggered and lifecycle SMS messages. Impact-X™ Mobile integrates with short code programs and is capable of producing WAP-based content. It comes packaged with powerful handheld applications that are capable of delivering rich media messages and advertisements based upon user geographic location.


With Acxiom Impact-X™ Email – Mobile Messaging, clients can integrate mobile marketing strategies into any of their Impact-X Email campaigns, seamlessly and effectively. Responders to these campaigns can provide their mobile number, thus triggering automated delivery of coupons or SMS text reminders about upcoming events and promotions.

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